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Vapourlites Micro

Vapourlites “soft feel” disposables

I got a couple of the The Vapourlites VL Micro disposable ecigarettes recently. It’s the first time I’ve tried a truly soft feel ecig, the filter is almost the same as a standard cigarette filter, soft to the touch and flexible. It’s surprising just how much a difference it makes to the smoking experience. It’s […]

Multivape kit

MultiCIG MultiVape kit review

The MultiVape kit comes with a dual atomiser does it make a difference? MultiCIG are best known for their lookalike electronic cigarette and have added to their product portfolio with this professional starter pack. The MultiCIG Multivape kit The kit is really nicely packaged and the quality carries on throughout, the unit itself is extremely […]

Liberro Epipe bowl

Liberro E-Pipe review

Considering the switch to an electronic pipe? Perhaps the Liberro Pipe is for you. I’ve always liked pipes, I’ve never smoked one longterm although I have of course been an occasional pipe-smoker, I never persevered simply because it’s just so fiddly, but I love the smell and pipes bring back happy, if smoggy, memories of […]

E-Gar Grande review

E-Gar Grande from E-Lites review

On the face of it this E-Cigar for Elites looks like a pretty expensive option. The cost is about £15 which is high compared to other disposable ecigs. Remember though that is is a Cigar, it’s a big Cuban sized cigar, it looks like a real cigar and feel like a real cigar. Take this […]

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Supersmoker bluetooth ecig

Ecig, phone and music player in one….

Do we need to take calls and listen to music on our ecigarette? Of course not. Is it a cool gadget? Of course. Supersmoker claim to have created the world’s first electronic cigarette in 2007. I doubt that’s true, especially as I have been using electronic cigarettes since 2006. That aside what is true is […]

Puritane ecigs

Puritane Ecigarettes in Boots

Puritane ecigarettes are now available from Boots in the UK. They are from Imperial Tobacco and were developed with help from the inventor of the Electronic Cigarette. All looking good, review units are on their way to me, in the meantime here’s the company press release and price info… If you’ve tried Puritane please share […]

England smoking rate drops

E-Cigarettes help push UK smoking rate below 20%

A national survey published this week has confirmed that the number of tobacco cigarette smokers amongst adults in the UK has fallen below 20% for the first time in 80 years. The survey was based upon the responses of over 22,000 adults of differing ages across the UK, confirming that just 19.3% were tobacco cigarette […]