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Collagen ecigs

Ecigarette with collagen…

Vape your way to smoother skin. As I sat reading the health section of the newspaper today I recalled a bit of a hoo hah a couple of years ago about the possibility of delivering vitamins via electronic cigarette. I looked online to see what had become of the prototypes and found that they’re pretty […]

Vapourlites Micro

Vapourlites “soft feel” disposables

I got a couple of the The Vapourlites VL Micro disposable ecigarettes recently. It’s the first time I’ve tried a truly soft feel ecig, the filter is almost the same as a standard cigarette filter, soft to the touch and flexible. It’s surprising just how much a difference it makes to the smoking experience. It’s […]

Multivape kit

MultiCIG MultiVape kit review

The MultiVape kit comes with a dual atomiser does it make a difference? MultiCIG are best known for their lookalike electronic cigarette and have added to their product portfolio with this professional starter pack. The MultiCIG Multivape kit The kit is really nicely packaged and the quality carries on throughout, the unit itself is extremely […]

Liberro Epipe bowl

Liberro E-Pipe review

Considering the switch to an electronic pipe? Perhaps the Liberro Pipe is for you. I’ve always liked pipes, I’ve never smoked one longterm although I have of course been an occasional pipe-smoker, I never persevered simply because it’s just so fiddly, but I love the smell and pipes bring back happy, if smoggy, memories of […]

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WHO on Ecigs

WHO are you fooling?

The World Health Organisation have continues their silly stance on ecigs with an attack on using them indoors. They claim that they have received a litany of complaints from people affected by second hand ecigarette smoke indoors. They list the following Red itchy eyes Headaches Nausea and sickness Breathing difficulties That’s a list of passive […]

Ecig news

Man dies in fire caused by ecigarette charger

A Merseyside man has died in tragic circumstances linked to an ecigarette charger. Merseyside Fire Brigade commented  “The investigation into the cause of this fire is continuing but at this stage it is thought that the charging device being used at the time may not have been the one supplied with the E-Cigarette. “We urge […]

FDA and ecigs

More ecig trials from the FDA

  The FDA today announced an in-depth study of ecigarettes which is expected to take until 2018 to complete. It’s the usual press release and there’s nothing surprising in it, although it could be argued that they are already showing some bias in the way they have set out to “test” the attractiveness of ecigs […]