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Review: The U.K. Halo Ultra Tank E-Cig Starter Kit

Available at £29.99 (approx. $47,) let us introduce you to the Halo Ultra Tank E-Cigarette Kit available from E-Cigarette Direct from the UK. It may sound a little pricey at first if you’re working out your conversions in US Dollars, but in actual fact it’s not, as you will soon see. E-Cigarette Direct are an […]

Monkey O

Monkey O’s – they’re mental!

Ever wanted to blow amazing smoke rings, but couldn’t quite get the hang of it? Love the awesome tricks you see on your friend’s vape Instagram? Doesn’t everyone love blowing bubbles? If you answered yes, then Monkey O’s are for you! Monkey O’s are an inexpensive and entertaining vape toy. The full Monkey’s O’s kit […]

Queen Mary University

Trials Conducted On 662 Smokers, ecigarettes, & Results

Towards the end of last year a scientific review of 11 observational studies and two trials consisting of 662 smokers, was published by the Cochrane Library, considered to be the world’s leader in systematic reviews. Since it comes from such a creditable source and is still very relevant as to the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes […]

Public Health England

The Good, the Bad and the downright ugly, ecig news.

A few days ago the findings of a scientific review that had been commissioned by British Government agency Public Health England (PHE) were released. In the report amongst other things, it was claimed that the use of electronic cigarettes were 95% safer than that of tobacco cigarettes. Public Health England Report Cause For Optimism? Operating […]


New Australian Study – Vaping effects On The Lungs

  A researcher at Australia’s Royal Adelaide Hospital, Dr. Miranda Ween who works as a researcher in their Lung Research Unit, has been studying electronic cigarette vapor and the effects that it may have on the lungs. We were in two minds whether to bring you these findings as to date they are still inconclusive […]

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NHS “No Smoking Programme” Slows down, As More Smokers Turn To Vaping!

According to latest reports there are fewer people registering for NHS programmes with a view to stop smoking. In actual fact health experts are claiming electronic cigarettes are the main reason why there has been such a dramatic downturn in people signing up for the NHS quit smoking programmes. Incredibly the number of smokers trying […]

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Study Suggesting E-Cigs Are Gateway To Smoking Is Not All It Seems!

If we are to believe all that we read, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, reports that a “New Study Suggests E-Cigs are a Gateway to Smoking”. A new study was published just over a week ago by the Journal Of The American Medical Association (JAMA). In it they report the results from a one year follow-up […]

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Asian e-cigarette survey

The Factasia Survey  Asian Smokers Have Their Say On E-Cigs In an effort to create a clearer insight of Asian consumers’ requests for healthier alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, Factasia, the Asian consumer advocacy group, commissioned a very first of its kind survey, across South East Asia. It would appear judging by information gleaned from recently […]