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Asian e-cigarette survey

The Factasia Survey  Asian Smokers Have Their Say On E-Cigs In an effort to create a clearer insight of Asian consumers’ requests for healthier alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, Factasia, the Asian consumer advocacy group, commissioned a very first of its kind survey, across South East Asia. It would appear judging by information gleaned from recently […]

BMA on ecigs 2

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe Part ll

A Brief Recap On Recent Developments In last week’s article on “Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe,” we stated that in spite of the BMA (British Medical Association) calling for a ban on electronic cigarettes, there are encouraging findings resulting from research by doctors and scientists in the field. So much so that they have uncovered some serious […]

BMA on ecigs 2

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? Part 1

The Debate Of The Decade Continues Are electronic cigarettes safe is a big question that needs to be answered for anyone seriously thinking about quitting. Not that there aren’t already enough reasons to stop, but as all smokers know it is no easy feat, and anyone who seriously wants to attack the problem without going […]

Pack style ecig

Welcome To The Magical World Of Vaping!

When looking around at some of the electronic cigarettes on the market, you’ll find there’s an extraordinary selection to pick from. Once you get started on your mission it won’t be long before you are tempted to experiment. Let’s ensure you manoeuvre along on the right road! As we will soon see these devices come […]


E-Cigarettes Being Treated Like Heroin In Australia

Australian substance abuse professor Wayne Hall who is an expert on the subject and also is on hand to advise the World Health Organisation, has recently appealed for a little common sense in terms of moderation regarding policies surrounding electronic cigarettes. It never ceases to amaze how different countries seem to have varying degrees of […]

Newhere ecigs

Newhere Elite 1.0

The Newhere Elite 1.0 Starter Kit An Up To Date Review Not that you would necessarily be able to tell by their name, but Newhere are an American electronic cigarette company and have a wide range of e- hookah pens and disposable electronic cigarettes. Today we take a look at their Elite 1.0 e-cigarette starter […]

Health News

Lipoid Pneumonia Caught From E-Cigarettes – Not On Your Nelly!

Currently there are 2.5 million electronic cigarette users in the United Kingdom, approximately over 30 million people in the United States who have at some time used an e-cigarette and many million around the world who are all regular users. It has now come to light that out of all these vapers, 2 electronic cigarette […]

A small selection of the liquids at Smoke Cheaper

Great products, great liquids and great prices…

A recent pan-European report listed Malta as the most expensive country in Europe for electrical and consumer items. I can vouch for that having spent a lot of time on the tiny island in the Med. Fortunately I recently discovered an e-cig shop based in Malta which bucks the trend and offers prices comparable if […]