5 key things.

What to look for in an electronic cigarette.


1: Vape.

The true test of an electronic cigarette is the amount of vapour (known as vape) it can produce. Vape is important because it’s the number one factor in making the electric smoking experience seem real. The more real it feels the less likely you’ll be tempted by a real cigarette.


2: Battery life.

Battery life is extremely important for e-cigarettes and until very recently has been a big problem. Now though you will be able to find an electric cigarette of a reasonable size that will give you a few hours of battery life. Without a decent battery life you’ll find that mid way through a night out your battery has run out and you’ll end up smoking real cigarettes.


3: e-nicotine storage and delivery

The cartridges that store your e-nicotine need to be big enough to last for a long time and efficient enough to deliver a lot of vape. The old-style lint in a plastic filter just don’t cut it. Yet again you’ll find that midway through an evening you’ll run out of e-nicotine and you’ll either be forced to refill (messy with the old cartridges) or else you’ll (you’ve guessed it) end up smoking real cigarettes.

4: Aesthetics.

The best looking electric cigarettes are NEVER the best performer. If your e-cigarette looks like a real cigarette then it’s not going to last. It will do for a starter kit to see if you like electric cigarettes but it won’t have the power to help you quit properly. It used to be that to have real power you had to carry around a huge ecigarette (like the Screwdriver Mk2) but thankfully these days you can have power and a compact unit.


5: Price

Don’t be too thrifty when buying an ecigarette – You’ll see some advertised for around £10 – forget them! They are more likely to put you off the experience than help you to decide.

Your first starter kit should cost at least £35/€40 and if you’ve decided to go for it longer term look to spend double that. It’s well worth it.


Taking all that into consideration, and based on years of usage I recommend the two following products.

As a starter kit: Neat Cigs starter pack   (United Kingdom)

An excellent starter pack that looks good and gives you enough power to really judge if electronic cigarettes are for you without costing too much. Ideally go with the Revo kits but the standard starter packs are god enough to give you a taster.

Try this if you’re unsure. A good starter pack that looks stylish at a great price £19.99 UK

 United States:

Go for the Smart Cigs starter kit. There’s a $19.95 recahrgeable basic kit but I’d cut straight in for the $39.95 kit which will give you performance midway between a starter and an advanced, and if you’re not a heavy smoke will likely be all you’ll ever need.

Choose a mixture of strengths and flavors from those on offer that come with the kit for the best experience.



For keeps: The Joye Ego/Tornado tankJoye Ego ecig (Tornado tank)

An excellent product in every way. Small enough to fit easily into a jacket pocket, stylish enough to use anywhere and with lots of vape, storgae and battery life it won’t let you down at the longest of parties.

I’d love to hear your feedback, trust me you won’t find better products for balancing the 5 key needs.

Good luck!