Electric cigarette blog

My experiences with electric cigarettes since 2006 and how they’ve evolved in that time.

I purchased my first electric cigarette in 2006 with, I presume, the same aim in mind you have now, I wanted to give up smoking for health reasons but had failed so many time this looked like a way to do it with little effort or willpower required.

Amazingly. It works. I’ve suffered setbacks along the way, bad units, drunken weekends, running out of cartridges, but trust me, it works.

It works like nothing else. Well maybe those smug people who have managed to kick the habit completely have some advantages over those of us taking the electric cigarette route. They don’t have any smoking related costs, they don’t have to buy any nicotine cartridges, but the one thing I have, and you can have too, is NO CRAVINGS.

You have no cravings because you don’t have to stop smoking! If this is starting to sound like an advert for electric cigarettes it is, but I’m not selling a brand, I’m not even selling them at all, I just want to pass on to you the benefits I found myself. Straight up.

Beware though – there is a lot of crap out there. So, take your time, read my blog and I’m sure you’ll find something to suit you.

If you have any questions about the site, need any help or would like me to review your ecigarette product contact me at andy@electrocigarette.com

Happy vaping!