Daily Mail story: E-cigarettes are ‘as bad for the heart as tobacco’

Nicotine vapour damages blood vessels and raises risk of disease Researchers: E-cigarettes are ‘far more dangerous than people realise’ Study found using either e-cigs or regular tobacco led to similar levels of stiffness in the main artery and/or raised blood pressure By BEN SPENCER MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT IN ROME FOR THE DAILY MAIL  Using electronic cigarettes […]

Monkey O’s – they’re mental!

Ever wanted to blow amazing smoke rings, but couldn’t quite get the hang of it? Love the awesome tricks you see on your friend’s vape Instagram? Doesn’t everyone love blowing bubbles? If you answered yes, then Monkey O’s are for you! Monkey O’s are an inexpensive and entertaining vape toy. The full Monkey’s O’s kit […]

The Good, the Bad and the downright ugly, ecig news.

A few days ago the findings of a scientific review that had been commissioned by British Government agency Public Health England (PHE) were released. In the report amongst other things, it was claimed that the use of electronic cigarettes were 95% safer than that of tobacco cigarettes. Public Health England Report Cause For Optimism? Operating […]

Asian e-cigarette survey

The Factasia Survey  Asian Smokers Have Their Say On E-Cigs In an effort to create a clearer insight of Asian consumers’ requests for healthier alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, Factasia, the Asian consumer advocacy group, commissioned a very first of its kind survey, across South East Asia. It would appear judging by information gleaned from recently […]

E-Cigarettes Being Treated Like Heroin In Australia

Australian substance abuse professor Wayne Hall who is an expert on the subject and also is on hand to advise the World Health Organisation, has recently appealed for a little common sense in terms of moderation regarding policies surrounding electronic cigarettes. It never ceases to amaze how different countries seem to have varying degrees of […]

Lipoid Pneumonia Caught From E-Cigarettes – Not On Your Nelly!

Currently there are 2.5 million electronic cigarette users in the United Kingdom, approximately over 30 million people in the United States who have at some time used an e-cigarette and many million around the world who are all regular users. It has now come to light that out of all these vapers, 2 electronic cigarette […]

Vaping as Safe as Inhaling Air!

BAT Funded Study finds that Vaping is as Safe as Inhaling Air Going back just two years ago a scientific team exposed fibroblast cells to both cigarette tobacco smoke and electronic cigarette vapour. They found that the latter caused significantly less cell damage. Early in 2015, there was a German study on the toxic effects […]

Teenage E-Cigarette Users – Teens Report Positive Feedback

An approximate estimate of 40 percent of teenage e-cigarette users have never indulged in smoking tobacco according to a new report. Authorities Express Their Concern This is adding to authority worries that vaping devices are appealing to a complete new group of users who are underage, and not just the teens that are trying to […]

Time For A Balanced Point Of View From Professionals

In light of recent studies that have been made in the United States with regards to e-cigarettes and their use, today we take a look at some findings and assessments from the public research university, University College London (UCL) that have taken place over the last 10 months. The UCL is of the firm opinion […]

UK Rail Network Ban The Use Of E-Cigarettes

  As of Sunday July 26, 2015, train passengers who use the UK rail network Southern Rail which operates between Surrey and Hampshire will no longer be able to use e-cigarettes on any of their trains. As well as this coming into effect, the network will also ban the use of e-cigarettes on platforms as […]