Review: The U.K. Halo Ultra Tank E-Cig Starter Kit

Available at £29.99 (approx. $47,) let us introduce you to the Halo Ultra Tank E-Cigarette Kit available from E-Cigarette Direct from the UK. It may sound a little pricey at first if you’re working out your conversions in US Dollars, but in actual fact it’s not, as you will soon see. E-Cigarette Direct are an […]

Welcome To The Magical World Of Vaping!

When looking around at some of the electronic cigarettes on the market, you’ll find there’s an extraordinary selection to pick from. Once you get started on your mission it won’t be long before you are tempted to experiment. Let’s ensure you manoeuvre along on the right road! As we will soon see these devices come […]

Great Valentines Day ecig offer

If you love them forget the roses and chocolates. Give them the gift that stops them coughing, and makes their breath smell a heck of a lot better for snogging sessions! if you’re quick you can get this kit from intellicig for a price you’ll fall in love with… The Valentine’s XL kit for £24.99. […]