New Year, new start, stop smoking, start vaping.

You can quit with ecigarettes, I’ll help you! You know it, we all know it, the best thing you can do for your health is to quit smoking cigarettes. It’s not easy, it really isn’t. If you need some genuine inspiration to help you quit for 2014 take a look at the Quit Smoking Challenge […]

Quit smoking with ecigs challenge – update

A couple of years ago I ran an experiment with 3 friends who were all smokers. The challenge was to see if they could quit using electronic cigarettes. I’ve just updated the ecig quit challenge page so that you can compare the ecigs This their solution order bit Intensive bit purchasing dry. SURE […]

Stoptober promotion from OKCigs

October 2013 could be a life changing month for many tobacco smokers in the UK with a campaign underway to help you give up. The Stoptober 2012 campaign saw 160,000 people give up their tobacco cigarettes for in excess of 28 days which makes it five times more likely you can stay smoke-free into the […]

Quit smoking with ecigarettes challenge: 2013 news

3 friends, 3 ecigarettes, 1 aim. To quit smoking using ecigs. It’s been 3 years now since I set the original quit smoking with ecigs challenge and gave three friends a different electrocigarette to help them quit. The results may surprise you, they may inspire you. It’s definitely worth reading Have HAIR actually This […]

But I don’t really need nicotine…

A lot of NRT (Nicotine replacement therapy) products completely miss the point for many smokers – me included. The truth is that I don’t need nicotine I just miss the habit of smoking. There’s a simple way to tell if you’re a nicotine addict. if you need a cigarette every day before noon then you’re […]

Will using an electric cigarette help me quit?

Well, the short answer is Yes – if you want it to. Clinical tests carried out by the health Authorities in new Zealand have shown that electrocigarettes are used in the same was as any other NRT (although not NRT as you are replacing everything BUT the nicotine) and that quitting time is Thought the […]

The final verdict in the stop smoking challenge

Well. Here we are at the end of the stop smoking with electric cigarettes challenge. Knowing the three participants as well as I do I have to say I’m surprised by the result… Tina (early 30s, smokes 10 cigarettes a day) – Using the Screwdriver Mk2 electric cigarette. How did you do? Tina: Well, still […]

Stop Smoking electric challenge update 1

A couple of weeks ago I gave three friends an electric cigarette each. They were e-cigarettes that I’d used in the past, with varying degrees of success and satisfaction. All three friends had expressed a desire to quit so I thought I’d give them my old units and see how they got on. Here’s the […]

The stop smoking electric cigarette challenge.

3 friends 4 weeks 3 electric cigarettes. The challenge – stop smoking, or significantly cut down but without trying too hard. Friend 1 – Paul: Paul is in his early 50s and has smoked at least 30 cigarettes a day (Marlboro red) since he was in his late teens. Paul has the Tornado Tank starter […]

OK I’ve definitely nailed it

I wasn’t posting for a while and I haven’t been smoking (well not much, I have had a few over the past few months – about a dozen).I now know that I have completely nailed quitting smoking.Here’s what I recommend. It’s not as simple as just getting an electric cigarette.The ecig is great, it works […]