Monkey O’s – they’re mental!

Ever wanted to blow amazing smoke rings, but couldn’t quite get the hang of it? Love the awesome tricks you see on your friend’s vape Instagram? Doesn’t everyone love blowing bubbles? If you answered yes, then Monkey O’s are for you!

Monkey O’s are an inexpensive and entertaining vape toy. The full Monkey’s O’s kit consists of the Monkey, made of durable plastic, and the Monkey Juice, a specially formulated bubble solution to use in conjunction with the Monkey. Prices range from $14.99-34.99 (EU and UK prices coming).

The Monkey O, originally designed as a tool to teach you how to blow smoke rings, is also used for fun and leisure. Once the basic smoke ring technique is learned, that can lead the way to other tricks including the paintbrush, the light bulb, and many others. The only limit is your imagination. Ever seen vapers blow smoke rings through other smoke rings, or push smoke rings into other rings? Monkey O’s can help with that.

By fascination, practice, and trial-and-error, turn your vaping into an art form. Use this tool as an enjoyable past time with your friends.

Monkey O image

The Monkey O gives class and style to the smoke ring trainer. In the past, the pros would recommend using a paper towel or toilet paper roll to learn to blow smoke rings, but the Monkey O outperforms this outdated, ugly device. The paper towel roll will fall apart, but the durable plastic of the Monkey O stays intact, and looks good! The device helps you learn how much smoke you have to blow out to get the smoke ring, so it is great for training. You use the Monkey O by holding it by the ears and blowing through it to make smoke rings. Give the smoke a gentle puff to form the ring. This may take a little practice, but by watching the videos and reading the enclosed instruction card, you will quickly master the technique.
Monkey O’s come in several vibrant colors, as well as glow-in-the-dark, and a new glass model! As they like to say the Monkey O will have you “blowing O’s like the pros”!

Not only are Monkey O’s good for beginner smoke rings, they are also a fun vape bubble toy! That’s right, a bubble wand and an o blowing handicap in one.

Found on, Monkey O’s are the proud “makers of the WORLDS FIRST SMOKE RING & SMOKE BUBBLE PRODUCT”. If you contact the company, there is even an option to get custom color themes for your Monkey O. Each custom Monkey Is handmade by the company’s co-owner, Gene. Contact Monkey O’s today to inquire about your own unique colorful monkey. Their Facebook page shows rasta monkey, monsters monkey, and monkey burst monkey. Their website is packed with informative videos on how to learn the various tricks. In addition to vapor, Monkey O’s are also compatible with hookah and smoke.

Turn Sunday into a funday with this cool lifestyle product. Vape up and have fun learning new vape tricks. Be an Instagram star with your smoke tricks, good vibes, and entertainment. Glow-in-the-dark options make this toy a great option for nightlife. Get sponsors, and enter cloud comps with the skills you have learned by using this awesome, and inexpensive vape accessory. Blow bubbles with the specially designed Monkey Juice and impress your friends. Draw attention and get lots of smiles as the vapor bubbles playfully drift through the air, bounce, and magically pop. In a vape filled room, the bubbles fly higher, last longer, and have a stronger bounce that’s really fun to watch. Pick up a Monkey O kit today to get in on the fun!


  1. I love blowing bubbles with my Monkey Os. They are a hit at parties. It’s funny to watch adults get so amazed by vape bubbles!