New Australian Study – Vaping effects On The Lungs


A researcher at Australia’s Royal Adelaide Hospital, Dr. Miranda Ween who works as a researcher in their Lung Research Unit, has been studying electronic cigarette vapor and the effects that it may have on the lungs.

We were in two minds whether to bring you these findings as to date they are still inconclusive and won’t actually be published until sometime next year. However although we do not have the whole picture yet, she has revealed from her research that the use of e-cigarettes makes users disposed to lung infections.

As Always – Analyse The Facts And You Be The Judge!

With making such a claim rather than sound alarm bells, here’s an opportunity to see exactly what she has to say. Since we are not after political votes we are allowed to present two trains of thoughts. You as always are the judge, you’re over twenty-one, draw your own conclusions!

It is always interesting to hear such claims from research as and when they are made and this is very recent news. What we don’t quite understand is if this is indeed the case especially in the light of electronic cigarettes flying off the shelves around the world and numbers of users doubling year on year, why some kind of lung epidemic has not yet reared its ugly head.

The Clearing Of Bacteria And Unwanted Cells

The primary focus of Ween’s research was devoted to the lungs capacity in the clearing of bacteria and unwanted cells. She states that the use of electronic cigarettes negatively impairs this ability.

“We are finding that when you vape you are actually reducing your lungs’ abilities to get rid of those cells, similar to cigarette smoke, with exactly the same effect,” She said when speaking to ABC Adelaide in Australia.

“We are finding the vapor itself is increasing the inflammation, rather than the immune response, which is not such a great thing for your body, but we are also finding that it is damaging the immune cells that do the fighting,” she continued to say, “If you have bacteria in your lungs, you are less likely to get rid of it if you are vaping or smoking than if you were not.”

Medical Study Not To Be Completed Until Next Year

Miranda Ween research Scientist conducted this research having been selected from the 50th Anniversary Award finalists of the Hospital Research Foundation. Next year her study will be presented to Australia and New Zealands Thoracic Society along with the European Respiratory Society where it will undergo review.

Untill that happens it is still early to draw conclusions until the complete results are disclosed along with the methodology and practices used in the laboratories are properly disclosed.

It would appear in light of some of the good doctors statements made even before commencing her research that she she didn’t have a particular high opinion of electronic cigarettes in the first place.

“Data is starting to emerge that suggests that even non-nicotine e-liquids could be damaging the lungs and airways,” Dr. Ween said.

“Metals are not usually added intentionally to e-liquids. However, the heating element which vaporises the liquid is made of a mix of metals often including chromium, tin, and cadmium. These are released into the vapor during the heating process and this is then inhaled.”

In light of no serious health outbreak from something that may sound rather alarming, we see such research as very useful. If it were a potential threat, it could be addressed and overcome. there’s still plenty of time to put the house in order, should it so be required.

Who’s Popped Their Clogs So Far Then!

However, the facts so far are there’s no reports of vapers dropping like flies all around the world. Who is studying this little bit of notable research we wonder? We’re sure someone would be screaming out there if indeed it were the case!

Reference To Metal Particles Made Old News

The metal study she refers to is not a new one, so please don’t think this is hot off the press, as it is not. This study was done well before the latest Public Health England report that was released a couple of weeks ago.

She refers to a study that was done last year in Milan, Italy at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering which indeed established that there were increased levels of chromium and nickel in electronic cigarette vapors. But how significant are these already known findings? Especially in the light that they concluded electronic cigarettes significantly safer than tobacco cigarettes.

It is so easy to get blinded by science and everything is down to interpretation, facts have to be clear and precise so correct conclusions can be reached. Just for the record a further study done on metal particles being present in e-cig vapor determined them to be within safety limits, however Dr Ween continues:

“The results we find could be used to draw the public’s attention to the fact that e-cigarettes are not as harmless as their marketing campaigns would have you believe,” Ween said.
“We need to better understand the dangers of e-cigarettes as the more knowledge we have and the sooner we get it, the earlier regulations can be implemented to protect the public.”

Well it certainly seems like she has already made her mind up but clearly misses the opportunity of making a proper comparison between electronic cigarettes and the thousands of carcinogens in tobacco cigarettes and the damage that they do. She goes on to say:

Scientist “Not Sure” Smoker Should Switch To E-Cigs

“At the moment our research is focusing more on ‘is this safe for people who have just started vaping’, and from that point of view we say it is not the best idea. For smokers, we are just not sure yet whether it is a step down or not.”

Well we can understand her recommendation for someone who has never smoked taking up a habit that has already been determined to utilize nicotine in most cases which is addictive. That said, again there are no health disasters so far to date, no fatalities anywhere in the world down to smoking electronic cigarettes and that’s a huge fact that never seemingly gets a mention. Who in their right mind can possibly disagree with that?

Well perhaps Dr Ween is not totally convinced as despite these facts that just about outweigh anything else that anyone else has got to say on the matter, she says when comparing vaping on electronic cigarettes to smoking tobacco cigarettes that: “we are just not sure yet whether it is a step down or not”. Blow me down, is she not up to speed yet or what?

Hasn’t she read some of the latest findings and what their recommendations are? Electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes and that is a general consensus of some of the top scientific researchers in the world.

Sorry To Say It But Smoking Kills

How can she possibly sit on the fence, and come out with such a non-committal statement in view of all the findings that have been revealed within the last couple of weeks. Even if there was nothing new to report surely she has heard the no smoking slogan “Smoking Kills” No? This is truly bizarre.

Dr Ween’s research may well prove to be fact and it may be determined that vaping can make the lungs susceptible to an infection, but is that anywhere close to the same league as cigarette smoking?

Everyone knows lung infections can be a serious thing, but without making light of it, it is not the principal cause of death in smokers. Not by a long ways. Try all the other thousands of carcinogens, CO2 and tar in the smoke.

In the meantime current research attests to the fact when compared to smoking cigarettes vaping is far the safer option.

That’s good enough for us, come back when you can prove otherwise Madam, Goodnight!