Newhere Elite 1.0

The Newhere Elite 1.0 Starter Kit An Up To Date Review

Not that you would necessarily be able to tell by their name, but Newhere

are an American electronic cigarette company and have a wide range of e-

hookah pens and disposable electronic cigarettes.

Today we take a look at their Elite 1.0 e-cigarette starter kit which they

claim is “the best vaping experience on the market.” A bold claim indeed, but

will it measure up?

The Evolving World Of The Electronic Cigarette!

When eGo electronic cigarettes had the market cornered a few years back,

this may well have been true, but it’s hard to see how that could be possible

these days. Though they do say that this particular starter kit was developed

with the beginner in mind.

With e-cigarette numbers climbing by the day, consumer choice has

considerably expanded. There are now a wide range of variable wattage/voltage

batteries, for those who want to increase the strength of the vapor they are


Limited Knowledge Required – You Don’t Have To Be A Geek!

There’s also what are called RBA’s and RDA’s, this stands for Rebuildable

Atomizers and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, for the geeks, who like to pull

these things apart and rebuild them.

For those who are mechanically inclined, who have a few tools lying

around the garage, you might also have discovered something that could evolve

into a fascinating pastime, but sorry to say you’ll need to look elsewhere for the


All we are interested in is how good this electronic cigarette product is and

will it satisfy the need, no more no less. Why don’t we take a closer look!

The Elite 1.0 Starter Kit – Does It Measure Up?

The Elite 1.0 starter kit is well thought out and comes neatly packaged in

its own small plastic case. Along with the case is a stylish plastic holder that

keeps the e-cig locked firmly in place, with additional accessories neatly tucked

away under the branded paper packaging.

The starter kit comprises of a ceramic wick-free coil tank and as well as a

mini eGo battery, it come with a USB battery charger which can be plugged

into any USB outlet on a laptop, computer, or ipad.

In the pack there is also a wall adapter, so if preferred or you don’t have a

spare USB outlet available at the time, you at least have another option

available to you, to charge the e-cig battery.

An E-Cig Starter Kit For $29.99 – No E-Liquid Included

The cost of the starter kit in terms of what it offers is fairly decent at a price

of $29.99, however e-liquid has been excluded from the package.

Initially you might find that a bit surprising but the reality of it is that you’ll

no doubt want to select your own flavor, own size and own strength of nicotine.

Nothing less will do.

In the world of e-cigs, there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it

comes to e-liquids. It’s like your favorite aftershave or perfume.

If friends get you a bottle for Christmas or your birthday, they need to

know your favorite ahead of time. Otherwise you could end up wearing

something that to you stinks, smiling politely and saying how much you love it!

On to the e-cigarette itself, The battery lights up white when activated, and

the disposable tank and battery tip both come etched with company logo.

This somehow makes you feel you are getting better value for money rather

than some cheap e-cig kit with potentially inferior components, shipped out by

the bucket load from China.

Brilliant! A Screw-On Metal Tip Cover To Eliminate Leakage!

One very useful accessory on this particular e-cigarette is a screw on metal

cover that very neatly fits over the plastic mouth piece.

As well as the potential hygiene benefits in keeping the tip clean, the big

bonus is this e-cig is not likely to leak in your pocket.

This definitely seems to be a bit of a coup and a huge plus as you will very

soon start to find out! It’s amazing to think that this obvious practicality has not

been picked upon, by the majority of manufacturers out there.

Now this may not seem like much, but a fair few e-cigs on the market come

with an ill-fitting rubber cap that is used to cover the tip, and this is how it’s


Sounds great in principle but given time, this rubber cover gets stretched

and very soon becomes misshapen and falls off. Carry it full of e-liquid in your

trouser pocket, and do so at your peril!

Once it soon lays horizontal in a trouser pocket which it likely will if the e-

cig utilizes a mini battery, you had better have some napkins or tissues on

standby. The cartomizer will likely shed its e-liquid whilst you are blissfully


Elite 1.0 ecig

Now you will need to spring into action in readiness for ‘operation mop

up’, especially once you place your hand in your pocket to retrieve it!

Your fingers will now be covered in the dispensed e-liquid, it will have

gone through the lining of the pocket, probably onto your thigh, the e-cig will

need immediate cleaning and then will need filling again before it can be used!

All in all an incredibly messy affair that with NEwhere’s Elite 1.0 electric

cigarette starter kit, gets completely eliminated at source and something that

will never occur! Hats off guys for pre-empting a major e-cig disaster!

Battery Life – How Long Will It Last?

The battery is a small 650 mAh battery. MAh relates to the battery size and

power and determines how many puffs you will get, that’s all you need to know

about it.

This is pretty much the smallest one you can get, but that said, it does fit

snuggly in the hand, instead of waving a magic wand like some of the longer

and more powerful batteries that are available, give the impression of.

The thing about the smaller battery is it won’t last as long as say the next

size up, the 900 mAh, or the one up from that the 1350 mAh which is twice as


However, there is a lot to be said for having a battery that is nice and

discreet in size. Especially if wanting to sneek a quick puff in a place where

your rights have been stripped and you can’t smoke (you very slowly exhale

downwards, so plumes of vape aren’t launched for everyone to see!)

The battery life as you would expect is very much down to usage. If you

are a casual vaper, switch the battery off when not in use. This way you won’t

accidently hit the button and turn it on in your pocket, so you could expect it to

last around a day.

If you really get into the swing of things as some of us unashamedly do,

you will be looking at 3-4 hours max, whilst the battery is still relatively new.

Also again, that will be dependent upon your usage.

Unfortunately only one battery is included in the starter kit, so whilst they

have the metal cap for the tip spot on, they made a major oversight in only

including one battery.

If you become the kind of vaper who rarely lets their e-cig out of their

hand, having no spare battery would be the same as going out for the day

without extra e-liquid or going on a picnic and forgetting to pack the

sandwiches, definitely not cool!

With a dead battery on your hands, you can’t smoke again until it has been

fully charged. You will want to carry a fully charged spare.

If you don’t, expect nicotine withdrawal symptoms that are every bit as real

as they are with tobacco cigarettes. That’s how good these babies are!

How Does The Elite 1 E-Cigarette Perform?

Overall for its size, the Elite 1.0 electronic cigarette with its bottom coil

tank, is really pretty good.

Using a standard eGo style standard 510 battery connection which a lot of

e-cigarettes use, should you later wish to try out some different type

cartomizers/clearomizers (e-liquid storage tanks), you’ll easily find one that can

be used in conjunction with this battery.

Does It Create Enough Vapor?

For its size, bearing in mind it is operating off of a 650 mAh battery, the

vapor produced is really quite decent. Without getting too technical (you know

how we hate that!) the battery is controlled at the standard 3.7 volts, with a tank

coil which has a resistance of 2.1 ohms.

This is more than adequate to get a good feel for starting out. As one

becomes a seasoned e-cig user, you will look for some refinements where your

e-cig will deliver a little more oomph.

You will then want to start looking at a variable voltage or a variable

wattage battery. This would equate to a scotch drinker rather than drinking a

regular JB, looking for a top of the line brand that has an “acquired” taste and is

totally smoother going down.

Someone who doesn’t drink scotch would barely be able to tell the

difference. So it is with someone finding a suitable e-cigarette for the first time.

This will be a further pleasurable experience to be had at a later date, meanwhile

lets get familiar with the basics!

Capturing That Tobacco Cigarette Draw – Does It Deliver?

One thing worth mentioning about the NEwhere Elite e-cig is how it draws.

It is very similar to a real tobacco cigarette.

There are a lot of e-cig’s on the market where they will deliver plenty of

vape, but that tight draw effect that some smokers have gotten used to,

especially with stronger brands, is absolutely void and totally missing.

This is definitely not the case here and another plus point when making the

transition from tobacco cigarettes. Once again this is another thing they have

got right that other manufacturers have overlooked and just focused on the vape


Although they only have two different nicotine e-liquid strengths

available, The e- juices that can be bought through NEwhere are a particular joy

to the taste buds and their mix of 70% Propylene Glycol from the US and their

30% Vegetable Glycol from Malaysia do offer a clean juice flavor.

One can add a few drops of different tropical fruits along with a few drops

of the rum e-liquid and voila, you can enjoy your very own e-cig cocktail!

Despite the Newhere Elite offering a near faultless performance, if you

decide to purchase this starter kit you will need to remember that it is classified

as a disposable e-cigarette and as such the tank/cartomizer will have a limited


The life could be anywhere from 2-4 weeks for average users and

eventually the coil head will burn out and a replacement cartomizer will be

required at a cost of $7.99, which is hardly a king’s ransom.

Even so, with some of the other e-cigs on the market, the coil heads can be

manually replaced for approximately a quarter of the price. It really is very

simple to do trust us, but essentially when we first started, the kind of unit here

was the kind of unit we started with. This was way before this option was

readily available.

Final Thoughts – In Conclusion

All in all we have to say a reasonably priced well packaged disposable

starter kit that should more than satisfy someone starting out who would like to

make the switch from tobacco cigarettes, to an electronic cigarette. It also has a

30-Day Money Back Guarantee., don’t ever consider looking at one that


The electronic cigarette itself has a nice quality feel to it, fits nicely into the

hand with the small 650 mAh battery. The only additional cost required will be

for e-liquid, so firstly find the nicotine strength that you’re comfortable with

and then you can get into the flavors.

Once this primary task is taken care of, then the fun bit of playing about

with the different juices can start. Now you can find what juice or juice mix you

enjoy the most, and which one it will finally be, that will actually hit your hot


We hope that you have found this review helpful in your search for your

ideal electronic smoking mate – We will endeavour to advise you as best we can

and keep you abreast of new products and developments as and when they


Look out for another review – there’ll be another one on the way soon!

Newhere Elite 1.0 Starter Kit

Newhere Elite 1.0 Starter Kit








        • Good starter option
        • Well priced
        • Good looking


        • Can get messy
        • Low voltage