Quit smoking challenge

Using ecigarettes to quit smoking. The Challenge.

3 friends
4 weeks
3 electric cigarettes.

The challenge – stop smoking, or significantly cut down by using enicotine and electrocigarettes but without trying too hard.
This challenge was taken up by three smokers, each of whom wanted to quit to varying degrees. I originally blogged about but I think it was so interesting I’m repeating it here.
Friend 1 – Paul: Paul is in his early 50s and has smoked at least 30 cigarettes a day (Marlboro red) since he was in his late teens.
Paul has the Tornado Tank starter kit and a variety of e-nicotine vape flavours in high strenght (36mg).

Update: April 2013: The Tornado Tank is still an impressive piece of kit, also known as the Ego-T and Joyetech tank system. If you are going to go for one of these (and it’s the ecig I user personally I’d recommend going with the ecig Variable Voltage battery option).


Friend 2 – Tony: Tony is in his late 40s and smokes 10 cigarettes a day on average (Silk Cut light), 20 a day on weekends. Tony is using the Gamucci ecig and has tobacco flavoured enicotine vape (light 18mg).

Update 2013: The Gamucci is a fairly old unit by now but it directly equates to all the current generation of ecigs that actually look like cigarettes. In other words the ones that have been overtaken in terms of technology and effectiveness. If anything the Gamucci is better than those so if you’re a beginner with ecigs try to avoid these ones.


Friend 3 – Tina: Tina is early 30s and smokes around 10 cigarettes a day (Lambert & Butler). She is using my old Screwdriver Mk2 electric cigarette and has a range of flavours and strengths of nicotine liquid.

Update 2013: The Screwdriver is still fairly powerful but has been replaced in the effectiveness stakes by the Ego twist VVCs as mentioned above or the powerful Provari models. Still a good ecig just loking a bit dated in terms of aesthetics.

They were each given their ecigarette kits last night and we’ll follow their progress and their experiences here. I figured it was a good use of my old electric cigarettes and an interesting experiment.
Pop back each week for updates.


Update 2 in the ecig quit smoking challenge:

A couple of weeks ago I gave three friends an electric cigarette each. They were e-cigarettes that I’d used in the past, with varying degrees of success and satisfaction.

All three friends had expressed a desire to quit so I thought I’d give them my old units and see how they got on.

Here’s the first update:

Tina (early 30s, smokes 10 cigarettes a day) – Using the Screwdriver Mk2 electric cigarette.

How are you getting on?

Tina: Well, a bit mixed. I really like the ecigarette and I use it quite a lot. After a couple of days using it I stopped smoking at home (usually have a couple in the evening) and I use it instead of cigarettes during my work smoke breaks (3 per day). I haven’t stopped smoking completely, to be truthful it’s a bit odd looking and I don’t like using it when I’m out for a drink or a meal. But I’m going to keep going with it and see if I can replace cigarettes all together.

Verdict: Good progress, some success.

Tony (In his 40s smokes 10 a day and 20 a day at weekends) Using the Gamicci Electric cigarette.

How are you getting on?

Tony: (Laughs) Well, I gave it a good go. The day after you gave it to me I had a night out and I didn’t take my fags out. I took the ecig and 3 nicotine cartridges. After about 2 hours they’d run out so I bought a packet of fags. I used it at home once since then but it’s no good for me, it doesn’t feel like smoking and if I wanted to quit like that I may as well use a patch.

Verdict: Fail.

Joye Ego ecig (Titan tank)Paul (Early 50s, smokes 30 a day). Using the Joye ego.

How are you getting on?

Paul: I love it! It’s brilliant. I’ve already ordered one and a load of nicotine flavour. I haven’t abandoned the cigs completely as you know but I’m smoking about 2 a day instead of 30 – a pack lasted me all week! It doesn’t look stupid, although loads of people ask me about it. I’m shocked with it cos I love my cigarettes. I’ve had a terrible cough all week because I’m getting rid of all the sh*t from the cigarettes. I’m keeping this one too by the way!

Verdict: Success!

Interesting results and not exactly what I expected. Pairing the biggest smoker with the best e-cigarette has definitely paid off but I had expected the Gamucci to be good enough for Tony. When Paul’s new unit arrives we’ll give the Joye Ego to Tony and see how that suits him.


Update 3 in the quit smoking with ecigs challenge:

The challenge is well and truly over now, it’s 3 years on.

Paul, the heaviest smoker bought one pack of cigarettes a few weeks ago, because his ecigarette was broken! He didn’t smoke them as a friend gave him a spare ecig until he could get a replacement. That friend was Tina who now uses both ecigs and normal cigarettes. Tony doesn’t use his ecigarette at all and still smokes.


It definitely is possible to quit smoking with ecigarettes but I would advise that you buy a decent unit rather than go for a cheaper option, it’ll just give you a better chance. If you don’t quit using the ecig you can always give it to a friend or family member who may have more success with it.

just give it a go. Read my Beginner’s Guide to Ecigarettes to get you started.