Review: The U.K. Halo Ultra Tank E-Cig Starter Kit

Available at £29.99 (approx. $47,) let us introduce you to the Halo Ultra

Tank E-Cigarette Kit available from E-Cigarette Direct from the UK.

It may sound a little pricey at first if you’re working out your conversions

in US Dollars, but in actual fact it’s not, as you will soon see.

E-Cigarette Direct are an electronic cigarette supplier from the United

Kingdom, and the first thing you will notice initially is how they do their


Most e-cig kits in the US come in a rectangular magnet top box. The Brits

opt for something a little bit different and a bit more basic in terms of a square

flat cardboard box.

That said it surprisingly comes with plenty of room inside, and one doesn’t

have to mess around trying to fit all the bits and pieces into a confining mould,

don’t you just hate those things sometimes!

Contents Of The Halo Ultra Tank E-Cig Starter Kit

This e-cig kit comes with 2 different size eGo batteries one 650 mAh and

another 1000 mAh.

There are 3 refillable disposable 1.6 ml CE5 clearomizers (fancy name for

cartomizers!) and since that be the case, we think offers fairly decent value for


Be aware there are similar products that only offer one or at the best two

clearomizers for right around the same price! <#/p>

As you place your order you get to select what liquid flavor and strength

you would like. You get to order two small bottles of e-liquid from a 3 tiered

selection, and there are 4 different strengths of nicotine on hand, from which to

make your choice.

 Both UK & Imported Quality E-Liquids – Numerous Flavors!

First, there are 20 different e-liquids available all made in the UK and to

that country’s specification. Quality should never be a problem, and they have

quite a nice assortment to select from.

The UK e-liquid flavors include: American Red, Banana, Banofee Pie,

Black Jack, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Caramel, Cheery Bakewell, Gower Power,

Grape, Lemon, Mango, Menthol ( this one has some great reviews itself!),

Peppermint and Strawberry and a few more as well! Prices are £3.99 for 10 ml.

and £5.99 for 15ml.

Also on offer are what they claim to be top quality Chinese imported

liquids. These are not significantly cheaper as you may expect since they’re

from China, however they do add to the overall choice of flavors.

These imported selection of e-liquids include: Apple, Desert Blend, Cherry,

French Pipe, Lemon Sherbet, Melon, Mixed Fruit, Peach, Popular Blend

(Tobacco), Raging Bull, Vanilla, along with two types of Virginia (Tobacco),

with one being created specifically from vegetable glycerine.

A Word On Nicotine liquid Strength

If this is your first kit and you have yet to try an e-cigarette before, based

upon your usual cigarette type, strong medium or light, we would suggest you

try to match up with two different liquids so as to nail the nicotine strength that

will work the best for you.

Stick with the same flavor as this will aid the comparison, and remember

that nothing is cast in stone. These are early days and you might not get it

totally spot on, at least not at the first time of asking!

Enjoying This New Experience & Getting Into The Swing Of Things

It’s a new experience and there is going to be some experimenting along

the way, have fun with it, just like a kid with a chemistry set!

It almost seems like it is a chemistry set we play with sometimes, what with

all the different flavored bottles that we have at our disposal to engross

ourselves with. Welcome to a new fun experience!

Making the starter kit complete comes a user’s manual, to familiarize

yourself with your brand new electronic device, and one USB charger lead that

carries a one year warranty.

Order A Wall Adapter For The USB Power Lead…

Unfortunately, as with some other starter kits, including the popular one

called the South Beach Smoke, there is no wall adapter for the USB power lead

with the Halo Ultra Tank starter kit.

This has probably been left out of the package on purpose so as to keep the

price down, but from a customer point of view we think it may have been a little

short sighted.

This may not seem a big deal at first if you are new to looking at kits, but

could be problematic if you find yourself in a situation where you do not have a

computer or iPad close to hand.

You will know from experience there are frequently times when this is the

case when away from home, work or the office.

Many is the time when out at a bar or a restaurant, if you have the adapter

on you and you unexpectedly run out of power or need to top up your spare, you

only have to ask a waitress or a barman.

99 times out of 100 they will be only too glad to accommodate your

request, and let you plug your power adapter in to one of their outlets to


Not so with plugging something in to their laptop or computer. You risk the

chance of being met with a totally different response and its unlikely you will

find them quite so obliging.

Would you want a stranger plugging software or something you may not be

familiar with into your computer? You would be reluctant too, wouldn’t you!

We suggest if getting the kit, spend the extra £6.60 ($10) to have them pack

a wall adapter in with it when they ship the unit out to you. You will be glad

that you took the trouble, and you will save yourself a lot of future hassle, take

it from us!

As we will discuss in a bit, the batteries that come with this starter package,

have a nice rubber coating that offers an improved grip.

They also include their Smoker’s Angel logo stamped on them, we suppose

their way of saying “Accept no imitations”. More about them in a moment.

Lets first take a look where the e-liquid is stored, it’s stored in the


Getting Familiar With The CE5 Clearomizer

The CE5 clearomizers are also branded with company logo and the fact

that 3 refillable disposable units are included in the starter kit, bodes well indeed

for the new user, offering plenty of time to get used to this new way of

satisfying that nicotine urge that smokers and vapers all too frequently have.

The smoking unit itself, is made up of two integral parts. The metallic

battery, which having a standard eGo 510 threaded connection, screws right in

to the second part, the CE5 clearomizer.

It will also screw in to many of the other different clearomizer brands that

are available on the market, should you have the desire to further experiment.

The clearomizers clear plastic tank, holds up to 1.6ml of e-liquid and has

two suspended wicks that feed your liquid into its single coil atomizer, ready for

vape delivery at the push of a button.

No need to remember knocking that long cigarette ash that has built up, and

certainly no fire hazard worries for the neurotics, not with this smoking device!

Filling The Disposable CE5 Clearomizer With E-Liquid

The clearomizer is easy to fill and refill. Just unscrew the plastic tip, tilt the

unit so you release the e-liquid drips, down alongside the interior plastic casing,

as opposed to straight into the atomizer which is located right in the center.

The unit is made of hard plastic, so won’t break easily, just be mindful not

to overfill it. You don’t want liquid in your mouth, just vapor! Filling it three

quarters to the top should be ample, replace your tip and you’re now ready to


Each clearomizer is a disposable unit and eventually the atomizer inside

will burn out. With normal as opposed to excessive use, you can reasonably

expect each one to last between 3-4 weeks, so with 3 units included in the kit,

you’re well taken care before you’ll be needing replacements!

The Electronic Cigarette Battery – It’s Life & Performance

The two eGo batteries that come with the kit are a brand themselves that

have already stood the test of time. Although they have a 90 day warranty

attached to them, expect them to last well beyond 6 months of continuous use,

and we’re probably being conservative saying that. Sometimes they seemingly

last for ever!

Long Life – Rechargeable And Dependable!

It takes a long time, before the power in the eGo batteries very gradually

drops. This is nothing at all to be concerned with. It takes a very long while for

this to eventually happen and then when it finally comes about, it is so gradual

you have to be conscious to even be aware of it!

In the kit there are two different size batteries, a 650 mAh and a 1000 mAh.

The 650 mAh will probably feel the most comfortable due to its size but

obviously it stores less power than its larger 1000 mAh counterpart, and

therefore will not last as long.

The smaller battery does offer the vaper the opportunity to be more discreet

and less conspicuous when in public, but try not to get too hung up on this.

How Long Do The Batteries Last When In Use?

Most vapers will get about 10 hours of use with the small battery and

around a day and a half with the bigger one.

This will strictly depend on how frequent you use the e-cigarette and you

will soon be able to determine how long the batteries last for you based upon

your regular consumption.

With these 2 eGo batteries at your disposal, it should keep you vaping for 2

days at least, again based upon normal use!

No Need To Feel Self-Conscious – You’ll Soon Get Used To Displaying

Your E-Cig!

Some ex-smokers will initially feel a little self-conscious puffing on

something that realistically looks nothing like a regular cigarette, however with

more and more people using them, they are now becoming an accepted feature

of modern day society, there’s no need to feel like a weirdo!

As you very quickly get used to vaping, you can feel totally assured it will

cause no discomfort for anyone in your close vicinity. After all you are only

blowing out vaper, just like when a kettle boils and blows out steam!

There’s no issues like second hand smoke to deal with, so the experience is

actually far more relaxing knowing that your pleasure is now not upsetting


Vape – No Tight Draw But Strong Throat Hit And Thick Plumes!

With the Halo Ultra Tank, it does seem to go through the liquid on the

quick side. When inhaling there is a very “airy” feel to it unlike the tight draw

one gets from regular cigarettes and some other electronic cigarettes that are


That said, this is strictly a matter of preference. It doesn’t affect the strong

throat hit that you get from it when the nicotine is delivered, and that we feel is

pretty important.

There is also a fine presence of thick vapor plumes when exhaling, which

still makes for a satisfactory vaping experience as even a short draw will be

more than enough to fill ones mouth with vapor!

In Conclusion Some Points To Remember

In conclusion, once you’ve added the wall adapter for the USB power lead

so you have all your bases covered, if looking for a good electronic experience

the Halo Ultra Tank starter kit should keep you happy for many hours.

Sort Out The Nicotine Strength!

Getting the nicotine strength sorted right at the very start, will have a lot to

do with how you feel about making a permanent switch.

There are many smokers that say they want to give up cigarettes and switch

to using electronic cigarettes instead and they may even go as far as to try a

friend’s to see how they find it.

That’s all very well if their friends nicotine level suits them. If it doesn’t

and being new they have limited knowledge, they may judge their whole

experience on just a couple of puffs, not realizing that if they had tried a liquid

more compatible to their intake of nicotine, or even a different flavor it would

offer up an entirely different experience.

Do ensure you try a couple of different strengths of nicotine liquid or even

more if necessary. This is a key component in delivering just what you want.

Find out what strength works best for you, and then just stick with it based upon

it’s interaction with the different flavors that you decide to use.

Prepare For An “Airy” Draw That Still Packs A Punch!

Also as we have stated earlier, Some electronic cigarettes have a tighter

draw than others. Even though that may be the case an “airier” draw as has been

proven here, still offers a strong throat hit.

These devices are really amazing and a lot of smokers that convert say the

ongoing vaping experience is more enjoyable than that with cigarettes!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Take advantage of the kit 30 day money back guarantee and see if it works

for you. Remember you can always use a different cartomizer with your eGo

batteries that you may find more to your liking. Once you’ve got your feet wet,

experiment a little. This kit offers a great way to get started, see if you don’t