Where to buy?

Where to buy electric cigarettes.

A list of the best places to buy electric cigarettes and enicotine vapour liquid.

There are many other places out there but the quality is often dubious. All of the ecigarette suppliers listed here are reputable licensed dealers with a quality product.

The suppliers are listed by region.


EU Electronic cigarette Suppliers

I was recently fortunate enough to receive a recommendation to try SmokeCheaper a site supplying Ecigs, liquid and accessories throughout Malta.

The site is well laid out, intuitive and has a real focus on quality products.

Best of all the prices are amazing. I’d just bought a new unit for a high street shop here when I got the recommendation and having checked the SmokeCheaper site I could have saved more than 40% on my purchase.

Delivery is quick, the e-liquids are all quality eliquids made in Holland and their customer service is second-to-none.

Give them a visit, you won’t regret it!

Smoke Cheaper




UK Electronic cigarette Suppliers


Intellicig Great kits and the world’s number 1 supplier of eliquid.


Another quality UK supplier that you can trust for a quality product.

Use the code ok10ok during checkout for a 10% discount on your order.


Ecigwizard Electronic Cigarettes Ltd
Electronic cigarettes LTD is the UK’s largest wholesale and retail supplier of electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and accessories.


Neatcigs Great for starter packs and an unusually good realistic looking ecig kit.



USA ecigarette suppliers

There are dozens of US suppliers, I’ve only chosen the best. Trust me there are lots of poor companies out there with poor products. The more ads you see for them the worse they probably are sadly.

You can trust these companies and you can trust their products…

Liberty Flights.

Very well respected electric cigarette supplier covering the USA and UK. Good range of products and very good prices – their starter kits are recommended.


Lite Cig USA. No poor minicig fodder here, they stock the highly recommended Ego T kits at a very good price.

They’ve been around for years, and for good reason. Great prices and service for US based vapers.


My Freedom SmokesE Cigarettes

Fantastic range of good quality products at some of the best prices I’ve seen in the US.

Ecigarette kits (proper ones) lots of the Joyetech Ego range that I use myself and recommend for anyone.


Everything you need to get started and keep going.

Free Shipping.

This is unbeatable. The Ego Twist – 2 units and a full starter pack for under $100! Buy this one, it’s the one I use (read my review) and this is a BARGAIN!



Smoke SafelySmoke Safely Joe Kit

A  very good range of kits from the mini ecig packs through to the more advanced (and better) 510 based kits.

I would strongly recommend the Smoke Safely Joe Kit (see picture on the right of the page).

At time of writing it’s up for $79.95, trust me this will save you a lot of money in the long run over the lookalike ecigs and you’ll get a better experience.

All products are made in the USA.



Tru-Smoke USA

If you really want to start out with a realistic-looking ecigarette then this is the starter kit for you.

At just $39.99 it’s a good price point and a good product for your first try with e-cigs


For Nicotine eliquid in the USA

ELiquid Planet
eliquidplanet your one stop shop for all your ecig needs
They’ve got the works here all the liquids you’ll ever need at good prices (you can get cheaper from China but you don;t want to).

Also have a lot of accessories, everything you need except perhaps your first kit. One to bookmark!